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10-Dec-2017 14:42

In Germany, hip-hop was introduced to the neo-Nazi community when a rap duo from New York released a limited release album named .

This soon led to an eruption of neo-Nazi rappers in the country.

See more » Black sibling soul group in 1950's New York hits it big, but big sister Lonette Mc Kee begins to spiral downward with booze and drugs, putting the group's reputation on the line.

Well-made, but awfully thin little drama with a fine Curtis Mayfield musical score but not enough drama to involve a wide audience. Mc Kee is the acting stand-out here, but her character's descent into the blues comes awfully fast.

That logic was enough to convince one staff writer at the Southern Poverty Law Center: First and foremost, they’re on West Coast Mafia Records. Even if it’s dollars and you can rationalize something like that, I can’t see a black gangsta guy putting a white supremacist rapper or music artist on his label.

All in all, it seems a pretty demonstrable denunciation of a supremacist movement if you end up culturally absorbed by the very group you hate so much.

David Tormsen is now an unwilling fan of several of these forms of music, but he’ll never tell you which.

bursts on to the UK stage in a remastered show sure to get your toes tapping.

Based on the 1980s hit film that took the world by storm, Footloose the musical sizzles with the same spirit of youth, rebellion and romance.

Result is a picture that plays its best cards too soon, leaving a lot of dead space in the second-half.